Persuasion and Example

The Sower by Vincent Van GoghTo paraphrase 2 Corinthians 5: 9 – 11, because I know that my life is a stewardship of the life God has given me, I seek to win people over by persuasion and example.

So, how can I be intentional in seeking people for Christ?

Just being around them and loving the lost exposes them to the life of Christ.
• Visit your neighbor
• Chat with your mailman
• Have neighbors over for games and dessert

Who else might I see regularly that I can get to know?
• People at the gym
• The grocery clerk
• A librarian

I don’t use events often, but I have used or created an event to move from example to persuasion.
• Host a Christmas tea
• Invite them to see Andre Kolé
• Organize a neighborhood Easter egg hunt
• Host a Pampered Chef party
• Go to a community event together
• Participate in a block party

Also, God just naturally brings hundreds of people across our paths. When I am a good steward, I generally bring God up in conversation when talking to someone for the first time, looking for opportunities to persuade.

What do you think?

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