Up in the Air

Sometimes it might be difficult to get a conversation going. You’ve been there, I’m sure. Perhaps you’re seated next to someone for a transcontinental flight, like I was last month. After repeated attempts, I just could not get into a spiritual subject with Shelly.

“Are you interested in spiritual things?” I finally just asked her, like stepping out into mid-air.

We went through the “Would You Like to Know God Personally” booklet even though she indicated she was a Christian. Again, I was not very confident of her spiritual foundation, so I felt I must present the Gospel and not assume she was a believer.

When we were finished, I asked, “So what do you think God wants you to do, now that He had you sit next to me?”

“I think I should start going to church,” she replied.

This will be a big commitment for her as the only church she likes is 45 minutes away.

I have had other instances where I am standing there praying for someone and just do not seem to get any ideas on where to take the conversation. .Perhaps God did not want me to speak. (Paul was forbidden to speak in Asia in Acts 16:6. God’s plan was to use Peter and others to take the Gospel to these people. See Acts 2:9; I Peter 1: 1.)

So, I recommend at least trying to speak with people. Most of the time, natural opportunities come up as you are available. I try not to use the lack of knowing what to say as an excuse

What do you think?

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