Turning Back

I chatted a bit with Mo as I bought salmon at the fresh fish counter. I turned and headed down the aisle to check out. I was not even halfway down the aisle when I sensed God prompting me to go back and give Mo a tract.

I started a few mental arguments.

“I will look silly going back now!” and “This will be awkward!”

God kept up the pressure and I knew before I reached the end of the aisle that I had to turn around. Fortunately, Mo was still at the counter and was not waiting on anyone.

“Excuse me, but I knew I had to come back and offer this to you,” I said, as I held out a tract to him. He smiled and accepted it.

As I remembered this incident today I asked myself: who would I rather risk offending? A stranger or a friend? Or Almighty God, by my disobedience? It is far better for me to be sure I am obedient whenever I hear God’s voice, no matter what He asks. I am sure it must have been better for Mo, too, as God must have had something to say to him that afternoon.

What do you think?

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