Tuned in to God’s Plan (excerpt)

“Craig Lawrence… started and ran two TV stations and owned an advertising agency in his home state of South Dakota. Yet he felt a growing sense of discontentment. One day he traveled to a retreat center to talk to God. He told his wife, Marcia, ‘I’m not coming back until God speaks.’ At the retreat center he dropped to his knees and cried tears over his seemingly wasted thirty-four years. He told God, ‘I’ll do anything and give You everything.’ Craig gave Christ control of his life that day, and the Holy Spirit stepped in to give him the power to live a meaningful life for God.

“[Dr. Bill Bright] met Craig shortly after his decision to live under the control of the Holy Spirit, when he agreed to serve as [Bill’s] communications director. His life completely changed and became an adventure in a way that his business success had never provided. In the 1990s Craig and Marcia felt God leading them to Mongolia, a country that had just been opened up to the gospel. The couple and their team were the largest delegation of Americans ever to visit the Communist nation at that time.

“While they were in their hotel room, a detail of Mongolian soldiers came to take Craig and the team members to a government office building. When a group of Mongolian politicians asked the group who they were, Craig replied, ‘We are men whose hearts have been changed by Jesus Christ. When we asked Him where we should go to tell of His love, He sent us here.’

“At that moment, a Mongolian committee was drafting a new constitution for the Mongolian people. The committee was stuck on the topic of religious freedom – they didn’t know how to write it into law. The leader asked the Christian team from the United States to help them write their constitution.

“. . . Eventually the team not only helped write the constitution but also helped start a TV station in Mongolia, a task that fit Craig’s past business experience so well. The new TV station carries many Christian programs, including testimonies from Mongolian Christians. Craig will tell you that he is an ordinary man but that God has turned his life into an extraordinary journey through the power of the Spirit.

“God calls each of us to serve Him in a unique way. Whatever He has designed for your life will fit your personality and will give you more joy and pleasure than any worldly attainment.”

–[Excerpt from Discover the Real Jesus by Bill Bright, pages 84-85]

For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand so that we would walk in them. ~ Ephesians 2: 10 NAS

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