Recommended Missionary Biographies

Amy Carmichael 1867 - 1951

For our book-loving friends, Judy recommends over a dozen missionary biographies in her post, “Escape to Real Life,” excerpted below.  Follow the link for her recommendations.

Sad.  Down.  Moody.  Melancholic.  Depressed. I can get that way sometimes.  Not usually depressed, but certainly the others. I have found a solution that always works:  I read a novel.  I get out of my story—and how I am feeling about it—and into another story. . .  One day the Lord gave me a strong challenge:  “Instead of reading novels to escape your mood, why not read about the men and women who have given their lives to serve Me.”Read more…


  • Sus has been helping Judy Douglass, wife of the president of Campus Crusade for Christ, with her blog, Kindling.
  • The image of Amy Carmichael is in the public domain.

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