The Verbal Bombshell

Two VERY young boys, maybe ten and twelve-years old, walked up to me.

“Is it okay if we give you this literature?”

“No, it isn’t,” I replied. I stood up from my weeding project. “Jesus is fully God, guys. Seek the truth.”

They turned and left right away. I looked across the street to see two young girls also strolling up to our neighbor’s house. The girls were in their teens.

I know I did not handle that well. I probably missed a chance to have more of an impact in their lives, even briefly.

So, I pondered how I should have reflected a loving Christ to them. I could have given them a bit of my time and sympathized with how hard going door to door is in June. Being considerate and loving would have communicated more than dropping a verbal bombshell on them!

More help for reaching Jehovah’s Witnesses.

What do you think?

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