The Waiting Room

If you have Christian magazines, take some with you next time you are visiting a waiting room.

Your pediatrician might enjoy having Focus on the Family magazines for his waiting room or exam rooms. The magazine could be their monthly newsletter magazine or a subscription. Take a handful of Significant Woman tracts with you on your mammogram appointment for the waiting room. (Beginning Your Journey of Significance and Living a Life of Significance).

Maybe you have a Christian video for your doctor’s waiting room or flyers for your church’s next big outreach event.

Be sure to ask permission to leave materials at:
• A medical office (doctor, dentist, clinic)
• An auto mechanic’s
• A professional office
• And anywhere with a waiting room

Some other materials you might donate to a waiting room:
Worldwide Challenge magazine
Creation magazine
Answers magazine

You might enjoy reading some more stories from my waiting room experiences.
Well-behaved kids in a waiting room
Taking a stand against obnoxious TV programming in waiting rooms
More suggestions

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