Campus Crusade for Christ’s New U. S. Ministry Name

Campus Crusade for Christ’s U.S. ministry name will change to “Cru” early in 2012. We know you care deeply about Campus Crusade, so we want you to have reliable information about the name change. Our leadership announced the new name to our staff at our biennial U.S. Staff Conference, taking more than two hours to explain the process that they employed and to explain why they believed God directed them to “Cru.”  We’re confident our leaders arrived at this decision through much prayer and with a deep sense of dependency on God.  Their search started with a list of 1,600 potential names and with a study involving hundreds of staff members and thousands of interviews over a two-year period.

The new logo is also part of the name change and symbolizes the message of the cross going to the four corners of the earth. This design continues to emphasize our focus on the Great Commission (taking the Gospel to the world as Christ commanded us).

Words Matter

By God’s grace, our name for the last sixty years has gained respect within Christian circles; however, the word “Campus” sounds as if we only work with students, preventing potential new volunteers from engaging in our wider range of ministries.  In addition, the word “Crusade” now raises a barrier in sharing God’s good news and never communicated accurately what we do.  Contrary to some media reports, our leaders weren’t intentionally removing the name “Christ” in this decision.

Also, research revealed that even among those already interested in the Gospel (and with no previous exposure to Campus Crusade for Christ), 20% didn’t want to talk about Jesus when they heard our old name.  We want to reach 100% of those we talk to, not 80%.

We are unswervingly committed to lifting up and proclaiming the name of Jesus.  Since 1951, Campus Crusade for Christ continues to focus on winning, building, and sending Christ-centered multiplying disciples into God’s harvest.  Our founder, Dr. Bill Bright, was actually considering a name change in the 70’s.  His wife, Vonette, who is on our board, and their son, Brad, approve of the new name.  (See video interview.)

Why Cru?

For over fifteen years, several of our campus ministries successfully pioneered the name “Cru” on a number of college campuses.  So, the decision was made to expand the use of the name from the campus ministries to the entire U.S. ministry.  To those who are familiar with us, Cru connects to our past instead of becoming a totally new and unrecognizable name. For those who are new to our ministry, the meaning of the name will grow through the relationships we develop with them.

Our leadership prayerfully made this change with the hope that our staff and volunteers would be able to be more effective in sharing the gospel, in seeing even more people come to faith in Jesus, and in involving more people who want to make a difference in their world for Christ.

Our leaders also anticipate eventually creating a more cohesive connection between all of our various ministries while still maintaining their individual ministry identities.  Many of our national and international ministries have used various names for decades, such as Athletes in Action, FamilyLife, Student Venture, Global Media Outreach, Military Ministry, Global Aid Network, AgapeEurope, and Canada’s Power to Change.  The umbrella name for our global ministry will remain “Campus Crusade for Christ.”

You’ve been as much a part of Campus Crusade for Christ as we are, so we want to assure you that the heart of this ministry and also our calling as staff members hasn’t changed.   God has blessed Campus Crusade with up to a million exposures to the Gospel globally on any given day via the internet and through face-to-face contacts.  The JESUS Film Project, in partnership with churches and mission agencies, has also documented over six billion exposures to the Gospel since 1979.   Please pray with us that God will open even more discussions about our Lord Jesus Christ as a result of changing our name and logo.

We had lots of questions, so we wouldn’t be surprised if you do, too.  So, we have a few articles and links that we hope will be helpful to you:

If you still have any questions or would like clarification, send us an email, give us a call, or let us know a number where you can be reached. We would welcome the chance to connect with you.

Thank you for partnering with us in our ministry.  It’s a privilege working alongside you to help fulfill the Great Commission.

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