Thai Campus Crusade Staff Helping Flood Victims

Campus Crusade for Christ staff helping during Thailands floodsFor months, Thailand has braved historic flooding, allowing Thai Campus Crusade for Christ staff members to minister to people displaced by flood waters.   These staff members’ own homes are damaged, and in some cases, totally destroyed.  They’ve also lost computer equipment and cars. Their student center in Bangkok, which also houses the staff women, is flooded.

Many of our friends were heading to Bangkok for the MinistryNet 2011 conference, even as flood waters from the north were arriving in the capital, closing one of the airports.  (The conference drew men and women from around the globe to discuss using the internet for disciple-building.)  The conferees were moved by the situation and did what they could to help.  Keith Seabourn, Campus Crusade’s Chief Technology Officer, arrived early for the conference and spent a day moving a church’s furniture from the first floor to the second floor.  Read his amazing first-hand account of the flood.

The Thai people have produced a five-minute video about the flooding which shows the impact on people and property.  Many Thai helped in the relief effort; our staff are wearing the black “iServe” tee shirts. Campus Crusade for Christ has created a Thai Staff Fund Relief account if you would like to assist these ambassadors for Christ in their own land where 2.3 million people are impacted by the flood, many living in flood waters for months.

Thank you for praying for Thailand and for God’s love to reach into millions of hearts.  Thank you for also praying about the health and safety of people in Thailand.  The water is polluted from flooding factories and from sewage.  Crocodiles and snakes are loose in the water in some places and health officials are concerned for the spread of water-borne diseases.

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