Football and Faith

We have some links to share today for our friends who are football fans.

First, we highly recommend a close-up story about one on our Athletes in Action staff, Asif Shaikh. Here’s an excerpt from the story:

Asif is a USF sports fan. Yet, as a staff member with Athletes in Action, Campus Crusade’s sports ministry, it is Asif’s zealous care for the athletes whom he serves and a longing to guide them into significant life change that just as much defines the 39-year old. . .

Born in Karachi, Pakistan, Asif’s family moved to the States when he was 7. At age 11, he became a Christian, yet he hid his faith from his Muslim father until graduating from high school, when he announced his desire to attend Bible college. His father agreed, but the tension of their relationship propels him today at USF.

“I can offer to these young men the fatherly direction I never received in my youth,” he says.

“Asif is grateful. He is one who knows that he has been forgiven much,” says Doug, his colleague and mentor. “He is a go-getter, a ‘Campus Crusade’ guy all the way. There is no sitting around and waiting. He is always looking for ways to reach and connect people and tell others about Jesus.”  (Read more)


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