One Month of Testing

About thirty to forty people, including Mike, just began one month of testing for the Connect and Care project.  They’ll be working long hours as they monitor this new system.

Work on this massive project began four years ago.  The new Connect and Care system impacts donations processing, donor care, fund-raising, and many more systems.  All the testers will be watching as Connect and Care runs in parallel with the old systems for an entire month.  The end results for Connect and Care must be exactly as the current systems in preparation for a summer start-up date.  This is the last of the major tests that have been done on the system.

Over the years we’ve come to expect outside issues to increase during critical stages of projects.  Several on the team have already had their own health issues or elderly parents with emergency hospital stays. Please pray:

  • for God to protect everyone from spiritual attacks.
  • for a successful test of all systems.
  • that Connect and Care would work and go in on schedule.
  • for everyone involved in testing to stay in good health.

Thank you for praying!

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2 thoughts on “One Month of Testing

  1. We’re a long way off, but we’ll get there in terms of donor care, by God’s grace. Praying for Mike’s team and for something like this here in Southeast Asia. Someday. 😀


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