Jenn’s about Ready to Start Classes

As you know, Jenn’s in Germany.  The semesters are different than in the States, so she’ll be taking classes (in German) starting Monday and through July.  We’re waiting to hear what classes she’ll be taking. I’m sure she’ll appreciate your prayers for her to be safe and healthy and to do well in her studies.

She had a wonderful few weeks as an intern at The Art Factory in Kandern, Germany.  She made some new friends, hiked, and made a trip into Basel, Switzerland.  She’s now in Freiburg, Germany, which is a university town in the Black Forest region.  Many universities are located there.  Again, she’s hiking and making new friends.  They’re all hoping to make some weekend trips together.

Her past two weeks, she’s been busy with registration and orientation for the international students.  This picture is from a recent hike (with Jenn in the center, and her two fellow students from Stetson, and some of their new friends from Canada and Serbia).

I’ll write about her time in Germany once in a while, but you can follow her new blog directly; she’s sharing photos and stories regularly at the brightest and the darkest.  Jenn’s already written some great posts, like her adventures this past weekend, including Easter Mass in the cathedral, which you’ll enjoy reading about. In the upper right corner of Jenn’s blog, you can subscribe with your email address to receive a notice when she writes something new.  She’d love to have you join her travels.

NOTES (March 2013):

  • Jenn plans to continue blogging after she finishes her senior year in two months.
  • Jenn is on the far right in a group photo in a Stetson Today online news article, Summer Freiburg Program Rewarding. She joined the summer students from Stetson on some of their field trips while she was doing her semester abroad in Freiburg, Germany.

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