Jenn at Campus für Christus

“Hi!  I don’t know how to get in.”

Jenn stood in the apartment house entry and buzzed the room.  She’d been invited to dinner near a different campus, the University of Freiburg.  The students hosting the dinner are involved with Campus für Christus and were expecting her, but assumed she was a German student because they knew her last name was Schmitt.  When they heard her speaking English, they realized an American was coming to their event; Jenn became an instant novelty.

After a warm welcome, the hostesses treated Jenn and the other four guests to a great dinner of turkey, salad, and different spreads to put on bread slices.  Afterwards, the students met the other dinner groups for dessert downtown.  About fifty students from different campuses in Freiburg attended the event and Jenn enjoyed meeting lots of new people.

Jenn plans to return to the Thursday night meetings of Campus für Christus, the German student ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ, International.  (Campus für Christus has had a ministry in Germany since 1966.)

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