Festivals of Speed

We like to post tips so you know about different things to do in your travels. Recently, we discovered Festivals of Speed, which is held in four different locations in Florida. We learned about it through an offer to get in for half price with a Living Social coupon.

We drove up to the quiet town of Howey-in-the-Hills, where dozens of “exotic cars” were on display on the beautiful Mission Inn’s golf course. (We never did see Howey.)

In addition to the “exotic cars” we saw boats, classic cars, and sports cars.  The most expensive vehicle on the property? An $800,000 motor home.  (Personally, I’d rather people spent that kind of money on missions or something instead of on themselves).

In this photo, we’re posing with a Mosler, which is a Florida-made car that we hadn’t heard of before.  We even saw a humble, little VW bug!  It seemed out-of-place.

If you like cars, and you’re in Florida at the right time, we can recommend Festivals of Speed.

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