Happy 60th Anniversary, Grandma and Grandpa Schmitt

Grandpa Schmitt wanted to surprise Grandma for their 60th anniversary, so he made plans for a party in their retirement complex. Early in June, he started making phone calls, arranging to have his children come for the party he’d set up for July 12th. He knew Mike and his other son, Jeff, plus Jeff’s wife, Jennifer, would be able to come. (It was a great answered prayer that Mike could get away for several days because the turnover date for Mike’s project had changed.)

The rest of us made some other plans so we could surprise both of them.

So, early afternoon on Wednesday the 11th, Grandma got a phone call from Mike.  They chatted and then Mike said, “I have some time free, could you come pick me up?”

She didn’t make the connection immediately, but when she realized he was at the airport, she was overwhelmed!  Mike calmed her down and told her to take her time.

When Grandma pulled up to the baggage claim she didn’t notice at first, but her daughter, Nancy, was there, too!  (She’d been able to get the same connecting flight as Mike.)

On Thursday the 12th, Grandma was slightly suspicious that something was going on, but when they got her in to the main room she didn’t expect more than fifty people, including her son, Jeff, and his wife, Jennifer, in the crowd!

Meanwhile, Ben, Bonnie, Sus, and the baby, Patrick, were driving up from Washington, D.C., trying to get to Erie in time for dinner.  We were just a touch late, so the rest of the family were stalling with their orders and enjoying appetizers as they waited for us.  When we walked into the restaurant, both Grandma and Grandpa were completely surprised.  We caught Grandma’s reaction in a great photo and have some more photos from their anniversary weekend to share with you, too.

Happy Anniversary, Skip and Eleanor!  Your commitment to love each other faithfully for sixty years is an inspiration to all of us!

Other Summer Family Photos

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