A Milestone Project: Connect and Care Launches This Month

If you’ve been following our ministry for awhile, you know that Mike, as the lead business analyst for a team of five analysts, has been working on the Connect and Care system for four years now.   The Project Management Office he’s a part of is making sure this new system will provide key functions for our staff and ministries.

Well, the day is finally here! Join the entire Cru Technology team in praising God as we successfully moved millions of data records from our current donor system to our new Connect and Care system during September 1 to 6.  We desired to honor Campus Crusade’s more than four million donors by carefully and accurately transferring this most important data.

This information system, Connect and Care, will help Campus Crusade for Christ understand our friends’ and partners’ interests and track the ways they’ve been involved in our movement.  We hope to know better how to care for them and also to predict what their future involvement or interests might be, so that we can let them know about the many opportunities we offer through our various ministries.

Mike’s team (and about eighty others) have been building and testing this new software for our Donor Services department, making sure hundreds of smaller components work correctly in the bigger process.  For example, an online gift at give.cru.org to one of our staff or ministries goes through a number of steps: processing with a bank or credit card company and then generating an e-mail note to the staff member and also a receipt for the donor.

Please pray for the new system.  Our teams have labored diligently to design, build, and test one of the most complex computer systems ever implemented by a Christian organization.  Pray along with us that the system will work well.

Please pray for the team of business analysts that Mike helps lead; they brought up the new system even as we write.  Two business analyst teams are now on the front lines helping our donation processing and fund development departments start using the system’s full capabilities, as well as troubleshooting any problems.

For the past four years, Mike often thought about Esther 4:14, amazed that God has called him “for such a time as this.”  After 33 years of technical experience with Campus Crusade for Christ, God had uniquely prepared him to be in a position to help design, test, and install this large and significant system.

Thank you for praying for Mike and all of Campus Crusade, especially during these first weeks of September.

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