The Mayan Calendar and the End of the World

Have you been reading about the people gathering because they believe December 21st is the end of the world? What are Christians doing to take advantage of this conversation? How about you? Would you like some ideas?

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This morning I wrote an evangelistic post, The End of the World, on The Sovereign blog.  Feel free to share this link with your friends (and  links in that article and in this one). Share any of the content.


Naturally, a good thing to do today, and for several days, is to pray for the people who’ve been deceived by the “new age” or “end of the world” hype. One in seven people globally believe the world will end in their lifetime. (Source: Ipsos poll)

Pray for Mayans. Many still follow shamans.   The Joshua Project is a great place to find out about Mayans so you can pray for them. Mayan is spoken in Mexico, Guatemala, Belize,  Honduras, and El Salvador as well as by small emigrant populations in the United States and Canada. (Source: Wikipedia)

Hundreds of people are gathered at Chichen Itza today; many thousands around the world are gathered at Stonehenge and other places.  Please pray for their spiritual longing to be turned to Christ.

Reaching Mayans with the JESUS Film

God has used this “event” to reach Mayans with the Gospel. The JESUS Film strategically released the Mayan translation this year. The photo for this post is taken from a video report of this new translation.

The Good News

Before the end, “The Good News about the Kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world, so that all nations will hear it; and then the end will come.” (Matthew 24 : 14 NLT)

With the internet, this is even more possible than in any other century!  Are you sharing your faith and hastening the return of Christ?


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