The Owls Are Back!

Mama Owl

I took up birdwatching forty years ago, but my birding was pretty sporadic for decades until 2010 when I realized I needed to fit things in my schedule regularly that I really enjoy doing, not just scheduling what has to be done. Occasionally now, I’ll stop at a park or go for a walk in a new area with my binoculars and bird book in hand.

One very easy birding opportunity for me is when Great Horned owls return to nest in an old oak, dripping with Spanish moss. We can just park our car on a city street, often stopping to check on the owls on our way home from church in St. Cloud. We’ve enjoyed watching the owls every winter for two years now.

This past Sunday, we were able to get some good photos of Mama owl.  The people who own the property were also outside with a laptop that has a webcam of the nest. They said two eggs have hatched and a third egg hasn’t hatched yet. If you’re in the area of St. Cloud, Florida, the owl family lives near the lake on Massachusetts Avenue.

Another birder / photographer who was also watching the owls told us where we could park in a small subdivision and see a Bald Eagle’s nest from our car. I had a chance to see the nest last week, but it was empty at the time.  I’ll check again next time I’m in Kissimmee.

Of course I like taking hikes into natural settings to see birds, but it’s also fun to see them in town. Do you have some favorite birding spots in central Florida?


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