Helping Your Children Share Their Faith

“Your kids are so good!”

I was finished seeing the doctor, having left our three children (ages six to twelve at the time) in the waiting room unattended. The two women at the front desk were amazed how they had quietly read and occupied themselves during my appointment.

“They have all been Christians since they were three and four-years-old,” I explained. “It makes my job easier because Jesus lives inside them.”

I tried to make it clear what it means to be a Christian and gave God the glory for the good behavior of our children, then I gave the ladies tracts about how to know Jesus themselves.

Also, when we took our young children to a restaurant, older couples would often come up to our table and remark at how well-behaved they were. Again, I gave tracts to these people and explained that the kids were Christians.

When the kids were a bit older, I began to take the initiative to share my faith more consistently instead of waiting for people to approach me. Being the youngest, our daughter had been watching me do this for at least eight years when our family went through three hurricanes in six weeks in 2004…

After a hard day of cleaning and fixing up from Hurricane Jeanne, we took our family out for some fast food. We stretched our thirteen-year-old daughter’s confidence by asking her to go back to the counter on her own for a take-home container. She was a little nervous, but before she tried it, she asked for a tract from me, so she could give it to the gal behind the counter! We were really pleased to see her take that initiative and gain a little more confidence.

If you’re interested… what we learned from the hurricanes of 2004:

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