Ben Is Now a Primary Examiner

Ben family 2014 940

Ben Is Now a Primary Patent Examiner

In December 2008, Ben was hired by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and moved to Washington. After several months of training, he started on their track for learning different procedures and gaining additional responsibilities. He was assigned to the group that focuses solely on copiers and laser printers. A year and a half ago, he began the signatory review progam. He was allowed a certain percentage of error, but Ben completed all of his required work without any errors.

At the end of February, Ben’s boss called to tell him he passed the review and that he is now a primary patent examiner, which means he doesn’t need a supervisor to approve his work; he’s essentially making decisions for the USPTO.

Congratulations, Ben!

The supervisor had called because Ben was on his way with Bonnie and the boys to spend their vacation with us, so we celebrated his achievement as a family. We made a yummy steak, shrimp, and chicken kebab dinner with key lime pie for dessert. (The Schmitts know how to cook!)

Coming up…

As soon as Sus can organize the family photos, she’ll post a slideshow fro you. We were all together for twelve days and have many fun memories and great pictures to share with you.

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