Cru’s City Ministry

Cru's City Ministry“Unless we intentionally make time for people outside our community, we often won’t do it… We must think through ways we can sincerely integrate people into our communities, not just serve them at an arm’s length.” Todd Engstrom

Cru’s City Ministry

Did you know five million people around the world migrate into cities every month? Imagine twelve new cities the size of Atlanta each year!

Cru’s city ministry is active in several dozen American cities, focusing at this time on reaching five groups of people . These “groups” are:

  1. Millennials – America’s most unchurched generation
  2. Neighbors – people around us in our everyday lives
  3. Conveners – leaders working together to meet the city’s deepest needs
  4. Inner City – bringing the hope of Jesus to the poor and marginalized
  5. Influentials – people who have networks that can shape the culture

Students and Cities

With 10,000 students graduating from our Cru college ministry each year, our city ministries want to focus less on using our full-time missionaries and evangelistic events and more on these “Millennials” as they move from the campuses to the cities.  We know these young professionals who were involved in fulfilling the Great Commission in college can carry that same commitment to the city.

See the video, Cru City Gates, for more details about all five groups.

Your Part in Reaching Cities

Did you know you’ve alsready helped more than a dozen of our staff in city ministries? Sus has been ministering to them through her eQuipping for eMinistry blog and through consulting. Here’s one example from Cru’s ministry in Austin, Texas. Kay wrote:

Sus met with our Cru staff team and coached us in the basics of using social media from the ground up… Sus helped us think through and evaluate the ones that would work best for us.  She raised our awareness of the need to expand our influence through social media and introduced us to a better mailing service to invite guests to events.

Thank you for making it possible for us to serve our staff in their efforts in America’s major cities.

Prayer Requests for Cru’s Ministry to Cities

  • To see many of our graduating Cru students continue their ministry in a city. Watch this video about Joseph and Tara who are doing just that in Philadelphia.
  •  For more cities to open up to Cru city ministry.

Some Links from Cru’s City Ministries

Atlanta Louisville
Austin Miami / Ft. Lauderdale
Bakersfield, CA Milwaukee
Boston Minneapolis / St. Paul
Central Arkansas New Orleans
Chicago New York City
Colorado Springs NW Arkansas
Dallas / Fort Worth Oklahoma City
Denver Orange County, CA
Detroit Orlando
Houston San Diego
Jacksonville Seattle / Tacoma
Kansas City Tulsa
Los Angeles

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