World Cup 2014 Outreach Opportunities

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Outreach Opportunities

I’m sure you’re aware the World Cup begins tomorrow. As the largest sporting event in the world, the World Cup will be watched by more than 1 billion people. With this tremendous popularity, we can use this opportunity to share the gospel. Many different parts of Campus Crusade for Christ’s global movement are involved in bringing the good news to the players and fans. We’re also partnering with local churches and ministries to share with those in and around the games.

World Cup Fan Zones

For the first time, the World Cup has set up free fan zones in Brazil, where people can watch the games on giant outdoor screens. Our staff have trained 2 to 3,000 volunteers who will be at 8 of the 12 host cities, engaging in spiritual conversations with fans and others.

The Prize: Under Pressure

FIFA (the International Federation of Association Football) has given us permission to show The Prize: Under Pressure at the fan zones. This 26-minute evangelistic movie was produced by our Athletes in Action ministry. In the film, six Christian soccer players talk about  their faith in Christ and how they handle the pressure of their profession.

How You Can Participate

Pray. In addition to this year’s World Cup, Brazil hosts the Olympics in 2016. Our ministry in Brazil is praying that these events will be a springboard for long-term ministry success. This is one reason why Campus Crusade for Christ is working so closely with local church and mission groups, who will be laboring in Brazil long after both major events are just part of the sports history books.

Watch and share The Prize: Under Pressure. It’s available online in 35 languages and you can purchase the DVD as well. The players’ testimonies are also included in the JESUS Film Media app so you can easily share them with your friends.

Share links to The Prize through Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and more. I wrote a post last week on eQuipping for eMinistry with extensive ideas for sharing your faith using social media if you would like to share your faith online.

Thank you for sharing God’s good news with potentially millions of football / soccer fans.

4 thoughts on “World Cup 2014 Outreach Opportunities

  1. pls let me know about your sports out reach bcos i serve the lord using sports as a tool to reach and teach for the past 14yrs


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