Our Photos and Videos from the Netherlands

A Ministry Trip to the Netherlands

I arrived May 13th in the Netherlands with only 20 minutes of sleep, but I’d planned ahead to have a “jet lag day, ” so my new friend, Jing, graciously took me to Keukenhof gardens that afternoon to enjoy their tulips. And not just tulips, but many other flowers and a windmill.

For dinner, we met a staff couple, Duane and Martha, who had driven in from Germany to attend my day of tech training at Agape Netherlands headquarters in Doorn. (Agape is the name of Campus Crusade for Christ in Europe.)

After a good night’s rest, I taught two dozen missionaries on how to use computer tools to communicate well with their financial partners. A handful were staff from other missions agencies in the Netherlands as well. It was a wonderful time.

Five of the staff took me out for Dutch pancakes for dinner. (They’re nothing like our breakfast pancakes in America. Look for them in the photos.)

Jing then drove me around picturesque Wijk bij Duurstede. (Don’t ask me to pronounce this!)

Hold on… the photos and videos are coming!

The Conference… and More Training

Mike flew in Thursday to attend a conference in Amsterdam with me for a few days. I’ll write about the conference in another post and also the training I did after that in England.  I’ll also have photos about the rest of our trip in these other posts.This post is about our photos and videos from the Netherlands. (Yes, it is!)

We had a spare day after the conference, so we spent time with our longtime friend, Karen, who has been living in Budapest. Curt and Karen serve in Campus Crusade’s Eastern European office. We obviously don’t see them often and thoroughly enjoyed being tourists with Karen in Amsterdam.

Our Photos and Videos from the Netherlands

Okay, you waited patiently. Here we go… I put together some slideshows with captions so you can enjoy visiting the Netherlands with us. Pick the ones you’re interested in:

I’ll be writing more blog posts with more photos and videos from our trip here on MikeandSus.org and also on eQuipping4eMinistry.com the next few weeks as I’m able. (We start our month of theology classes Monday, so it’ll be a challenge to find the time.)

Mike and I felt this trip was even more than we expected ministry-wise. We know this is because of your faithful prayers for us. Thank you so much!

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