The Digital Strategies Conference in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Viktors 940

The Indigitous Conferences

I was blessed to be able to go to two Digital Strategies conferences this past half year. I attended the Indigitous Conference in Waterloo, Canada, in November and a second Indigitous Conference in Amsterdam in May. Mike joined me for the second conference.

Both conferences came out of Campus Crusade for Christ’s (CCC) Global Digital Strategies office in Orlando. “Indigitous” is a fusion of Indigenous and Digital. These two words were chosen because we want to use digital resources with missions strategies that work in each generation, language, and culture. The conferences were offered in five different locations globally from November 2013 through May 2014, making them readily accessible to more people than previous conferences had been.

Mike and I attended the Amsterdam conference from May 15 to 17. About 120 came from around the world, but most were CCC staff from our Western and Eastern European areas. We enjoyed meeting other staff from Hungary, Latvia, Russia, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Romania, South Africa, India, and more. The conference speakers were excellent and challenging. Many people from other groups joined us as well. All were eager to connect people to Jesus using digital strategies.

Reaching Europeans

Mark de Boer, who heads up Campus Crusade for Christ’s ministry in the Netherlands, explains about the uniqueness of Europe:

The diversity in cultures, traditions, languages and economic realities is greater than anywhere else. Over the last fifty years, large parts of Europe have secularized, becoming in effect post-Christian. In marketing and business, the trend is ‘experience economy’, emphasizing the importance of offering something memorable rather than selling a product. Consumers have become participants and co-creators. Networks have taken the place of hierarchies. And on top of that, the social media revolution disrupts the balance of power in virtually any area of society.

Thank you so much for praying for us and the opportunities God gave us to help CCC European staff with tech skills. Here’s our photos from the conference and a video from Indigitous Amsterdam. (You can see us at the 20-second mark):

After the conference, we headed to Birmingham, England, to train staff there. That post (with photos) is coming up next!

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