If Properly Led Leadership Conferences at Gettysburg

Gettysburg Statue 2006

For this Fourth of July weekend, I thought I’d share about a unique Cru Military Leadership conference, If Properly Led.

The conference about leadership is organized by staff member Lt. Col. Jay Lorenzen, U.S.A.F., (Retired) who teaches leadership principles he’s gleaned from the Battle of Gettysburg. In addition to classroom sessions, he takes participants out “to ride horses on the battlefield, climb the fences along Emmitsburg Road, march a portion of Pickett’s Charge, and even fire Civil War muskets at a local firing range,” according to this article at Cru.org.

I recommend reading the article on Cru.org, Learning leadership principles at Gettysburg, because the If Properly Led website doesn’t offer much in the way of a description about the conference.

This sounds like something Mike and I would love to do. The cost is a bit high, but it does include all expenses for four to five days.

NOTE: Two limited-space conferences are coming up at the end of September and beginning of October, if you’re interested. Conferences are held in April and October.

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