Beyond the Mask Movie Scene

Beyond the Mask and Cru

Did you see Beyond the Mask in theaters last month?  Did you know there’s a connection to Cru?

Beyond the Mask and Cru

Director Chad Burns was discipled by Cru staff while in grad school. Chad shares what he learned through a failure and then being roommates with Cru staff in Trusting God through Failure.

Chad worked with Cru to develop a movie evangelism strategy.This would be a good DVD to watch with a youth group or friends and follow it with the discussion questions. Find everything you need here.

We were travelling last month when this movie was released. It looks like a great one to pick up on DVD when it comes out.

Further Reading:

An interview with John Rhys-Davies, who has a role in the film. This veteran actor also recently starred in Return to the Hiding Place. (Another film we’d like to see, but missed.)

Source: the image is a screenshot from the movie trailer.

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