75 Total Years of Serving the Lord

Mike reached his 35th year on Cru staff last summer and this summer is my 40th year. Our total years of service is over 75!  Isn’t that amazing! We can’t be that old, can we?

Quite a number of you have been investing in our ministry and praying for us for all, if not most, of our time on Campus Crusade for Christ staff. Let’s look back over the years together.


Sus reported to CCC headquarters at Arrowhead Springs in San Bernardino, California, on January 1st to be the receptionist at Computer Services.  That same year, Campus Crusade launched the    “I Found It” campaign across the United States.


One of the managers challenged Sus to learn computer programming.  She accepted and they handed her a COBOL manual, showed her how to key punched cards, and assigned her to write a program to print labels.


Mike arrived in April.  One of his most vivid memories of his first year is the Panorama Fire that swept through CCC’s conference center at Arrowhead Springs and destroyed 500 homes in San Bernardino.

both in computer room fix1982

This photo shows our IBM mainframe computer with lots of flashing lights and spinning tape drives.  We were married on May 22, 1982.  Sus switched to part-time and Mike continued work on computer systems.

1985 – 1987

Ben was born and Sus left the office to start raising our family.  Josh arrived in 1987. In between child-raising and home-schooling, God directed Sus to lead Bible studies with fellow moms.


Campus Crusade leadership announced in December 1990 that the entire headquarters would move to Orlando in the summer. Mike helped with planning for the new temporary headquarters facility.

Jenny joined our family on June 24th and we all moved to Florida on August 26th, Sus’ birthday.

1992 – 2008

Mike’s largest project during this time was the massive replacement of the mainframe computer with personal computer technology.

Sus was learning website design and blogging while homeschooling Ben, Josh, and Jenn through eighth grade. The kids did well in high school and in college.

2009 – 2014

Through God’s guidance and discussions with Mike, Sus began working from home in 2009, encouraging Campus Crusade staff to learn and use technology for ministry. One of the ways she does this is through eQuipping4eMinistry.com.


Ben is in D.C. as a patent examiner for laser printers and copy machines. He married Bonnie in 2011 and they now have three little cuties: Patrick, Luke, and Adriana.

We’re very grateful for how God has worked in our children’s lives through your prayers. We’ll update you soon about Josh’s and Jenn’s news.

Mike has been learning a new role as a Business Intelligence Analyst, using data to better serve the needs of our staff and ministries.

Sus continues to help staff with technology. She especially appreciates prayers for her many activities during our upcoming staff conference July 13 to 21 in Colorado. She’s preparing a Blogging 101 talk, a writers’ meet-up, and consulting appointments.

Schmitt family new years 15

For as much as forty years, you’ve been an important part of our ministry with Cru.  Thank you for faithfully praying for our obedience to the opportunities He’s given.  We plan to continue many more years of service together with you. As God allows, we anticipate praising God for what He’s done five and ten years from now in another anniversary letter.

Thank you, too, for your generous financial investment. You are a significant part of our ministry!  Computers have been used by God in increasing the reach of the Gospel to the world.  You’ve been an important and essential part of this vital ministry, touching millions of people with God’s love.  We thank God for your partnership in reaching a world desperate for Him.

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