Big Events for the Schmitts

Big Events for the Schmitts

2017 was another busy year for our family. (Read all our family news in detail here.) Meanwhile, here are brief snapshots of our family.

Ben and Bonnie

In August, we met Ben and Patrick in South Carolina. We had a wonderful time experiencing the total solar eclipse together.

On November 16th, baby Lily was born. We drove up to D.C. over Christmas to welcome the newest little Schmitt. See our family photos here.

Just last week. Ben and Bonnie had an offer accepted on a house near where they live. If all goes as planned, they’ll move in early March. They definitely need more room for their growing family and are excited about the new home.

Thank you for praying for Ben and Bonnie as they raise a godly family and serve the Lord through their church. Thank you for praying for all the details of a big move in March and that their current house would sell quickly.

Josh and Nicole

Josh and Nicole bought their first home and moved in at the beginning of November. A month later, they had SNOW! Can you believe… snow in San Antonio? It was magical and beautiful for Florida girl, Nicole. They also had a wonderful adventure last fall whale watching in Washington State while visiting friends and family.

Nicole’s home bakery, SugarRush, had a good year. People love her Pie Pops! That’s right, pie on a stick.

Their church is busier than ever, with 100 people responding that Jesus is Lord last year. They love leading their life group and seeing lives changed through a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. Josh has been given more leadership with audiovisuals and Nicole started volunteering in the children’s ministry while continuing singing and working on the tech team.

Josh and Nicole are grateful for God’s many blessings and ask if you would pray that they keep God at the center of all things. 

Brian and Jenn

Brian and Jenn called 2017 their family year. We visited in May and Brian’s parents visited in August. Several friends, and brothers and sisters from both sides, came up to see them in Minnesota, too. They so enjoyed seeing family and friends.

This month, Brian’s office at the University of Minnesota was eliminated. Fortunately, Brian was reassigned to another department, but some of his co-workers were laid off. They were a very tight-knit group of friends, so change has been highly emotional. However, Brian believes God was preparing him for this for some time now, and is optimistic about the opportunities this new position will bring.

Thank you for praying for Brian and Jenn. Brian is getting his feet under him from his rapid job change. Jenn, in her third year of her PhD program, just had her first week of classes and is looking forward to her spring semester. Brian and Jenn appreciate your prayers for God’s guidance as they pray over life and career decisions.

Mike and Sus, a.k.a. Papa and Nana

I recently published stories and photos from our visit to see Brian and Jenn last May. They also visited us for several days this month.

We had lots of fun times together in D.C. in December with Ben’s family.  (Sus has recorded herself reading books on so she can “babysit” long distance. Feel free to listen, too.)

We’re looking forward to seeing Josh and Nicole when they visit Orlando in July.

Many of you have prayed for our family for a very long time. Thank you so much! (Thank you for praying for my surgery. I’m recovering well and increasing my activities daily.) We know God has blessed our family and answered your prayers in wonderful ways. We’re so grateful for your faithful prayers for all of us.

Photos and… Williamsburg!

Click the links in this post for more photos of our family and of our trips in 2017.

We had a last-minute opportunity in December to spend two nights in Williamsburg, Virginia! We quickly grabbed this gift and left a day early to visit Ben and Bonnie, stopping in Williamsburg on the drive up. Here’s our story and photos. It was a wonderful trip!

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