God Is Reaching People during The Lockdown

God Is Reaching People during The Lockdown

God is at work in these hard times. We hope the following brief peeks encourage you. These snippets may inspire you to try digital ministry, too. Please contact us if you would like to know more details.

  • Our German ministry presented, “Hope is Rising,” to over 6,000 They exchanged ideas and prayed together in smaller groups.
  • Before the lockdown, University of Florida professors met monthly for prayer. Now, the group has doubled and meets twice per week.
  • Elsewhere, a Christian professor started studying the Gospel of John with non-Christian colleagues. They want to continue meeting.
  • In two months, 10,000+ Muslims in a closed Middle Eastern nation subscribed to our Arabic Church Online YouTube channel.
  • Ahmed lives in a spiritually hard country in North Africa. He responded to a targeted Facebook ad. After several days of email conversations, Ahmed accepted Jesus as his Savior.

“What can I do to believe in Jesus?” Ahmed asked. “I think I need the Bible.”

Pivot: New Methods, Same Message

With travel and large gatherings shut down, all of Cru needed to “pivot” from the usual. For instance, university students used to spread across the globe for summer missions. This year, students are taking part in digital mission projects to help reach the world.

Cru is also offering our first free theology course. It’s 2 to 3 hours per week over 10 weeks. What an opportunity to equip our students with solid biblical training! College students should register by June 19th.

Because Cru had invested in digital outreach methods, we were well-positioned for this unexpected turn of events. With God’s leading, we found new ways to respond to people searching for Him.

God is working in the hearts of many during these times of uncertainty and isolation. He is drawing thousands to Himself.

Thank you for your partnership and prayers.

Photo by Olga Serjantu on Unsplash

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