Welcoming Kent

Our Trip to Meet Kent

We spent more than a week with Brian and Jenn, helping them as they welcomed their first child, Kent, to their family. (At the end of this post, I have a link to our online photo album, Meeting Kent, with more great photos.)

You remember, we announced our fifth and sixth grandbabies, Kent and Abby, in May. With the Covid-19 lockdown, we weren’t sure how we might be able to go visit our newborns and keep everyone safe. God worked it out. It was a little crazy doing two trips close together, but it was wonderful to see our little ones and the rest of the family.

We kept ourselves isolated before and between trips. When we flew to Minnesota, we were pleased with the efforts Southwest Airlines made to keep everyone as protected as possible. In Minneapolis, we pretty much stayed home with Brian, Jenn, and Kent or kept our distance from others when outside.

We’re home now and finished isolating since we traveled out-of-state. If you follow the news, Florida has a high infection rate, so we’re still mostly home (since early March).

Time Together

Mike and I enjoyed our visit. We spent lots of time talking, watching movies, and helping out. We took care of Kent and did housework and unpacking. Brian and Jenn bought their first home in April and moved in a few weeks before Kent was born. Sus helped get the nursery clothes and toys organized.

We celebrated the Fourth of July and Kent’s two-month-old birthday.

We thoroughly enjoyed the rest of our time being grandparents and taking care of this little family.

For more great photos, go to our online photo album, Meeting Kent.

If you missed our blog post and photos about visiting Abby in Virginia, go to Welcoming Abby.

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