Josh and Nicole Move Back to Orlando

Josh and Nicole Move Back to Orlando

Another blessing for our family that came out of the chaos of 2020 is the fact that Josh and Nicole moved to Orlando in February. Nicole has family here, too. We are excited for them to be back. Their guinea pigs are also thriving in their new home.

Josh has been a mechanical engineer for Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) since 2015. For the past several years, Josh proved that he’s a self-starter and that he works well independently.

When Covid happened, SwRI experimented with stay-at-home operations and found it was a successful approach for many of their employees. Around Thanksgiving time, Josh proposed to his management that he could work from Orlando and represent the lab here. They agreed.

His goal is to make more connections and create new business opportunities for SwRI in Florida. He’s already involved on a new project with colleagues at UCF and NASA on hydrogen storage. He’s hoping to build better relationships with other local engineering companies and establish partnerships that use SwRI’s lab services to do energy research.

Thank you for praying for them as Josh and Nicole sought to make this move. They saw God open doors, providing them the opportunity to move sooner than expected and leave before the winter storms clobbered Texas. They’re looking forward to becoming a part of their community and are busy making their new house their home.


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