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“I am excited to get to know Judy and her journey through the prodigal wilderness during her new podcast. Knowing I’m not alone makes me feel hopeful. Thank you, Judy!”

Judy Douglass

More than a year ago, Sus, and others in Judy Douglass’s office, were helping her launch her latest book, When You Love a Prodigal.

Then Covid dropped in on us all. Judy’s travel and speaking schedule screeched to a halt. Also, her husband, Steve, stepped down from his presidency. (Steve Sellers is now president of Cru.)

This year, a podcasting service asked if she would write and record material based on her book. Her first thought was she couldn’t add more to her busy life. Others encouraged her and she’s so glad she said “yes.” The first episode aired February 2, 2021.

Judy’s When You Love a Prodigal Podcast

Judy describes loving a prodigal as a trek through a wilderness. God molded her through her son’s fifteen-year prodigal journey. She guides her listeners through lessons she’s learned. People from 97 countries have tuned in.

The When You Love a Prodigal podcast has ten five-star ratings and three encouraging reviews. (One of the reviews is at the top of our letter). Recently her podcast hit 5000 downloads. It takes a podcast six to twelve months to reach this milestone, but Judy’s podcast reached it after ten weeks! This shows how many people need the encouragement that Judy Douglass offers. The May 4th episode, “Building Relationships that Transform,” is an interview with Cru’s Josh McDowell.

Listen to the May 4th episode, “Building Relationships that Transform,” an interview with Cru’s Josh McDowell.

Twelve years ago, when Sus started working in Judy’s office, Judy wasn’t blogging or using various social media. It’s been a privilege to encourage her to use these tools. Judy still says learning new technology is a challenge for her, but she’s doing great! Of course, having a team of people makes it possible for her to do a podcast. Judy’s grateful for help from Mary and Susan in our office and from Andy and Larry in the recording studio at Cru.

And we’re grateful for you. Through your prayers and financial investment, you join us in the ministries that come out of Cru’s headquarters. Thank you for bringing hope to people who love prodigals.


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