Shopping and Sharing

Shopping and Sharing Christ

After completing my purchase, I pulled out a small black card and asked Sami if he liked anime.

“Yes,” he replied.

I handed him the card with a code to download the film, My Last Day. I explained that the short film was by a top-notch Japanese animator.

“It’s about a thief that was crucified beside Jesus.”

“I know about this,” exclaimed the young clerk.

“How?” I asked.

“I saw it online,” Sami explained. “It’s cool to show the story from the thief’s view.”

Six feet away, David, the other clerk, was listening. I had handed him a card, too, when I gave Sami one. I was grateful for Sami’s enthusiastic endorsement. I thought David might be more interested in watching now.

In a few hours of shopping, all the clerks that waited on me were young men. I handed out five cards. All of these clerks were receptive.

Sharing Christ at Easter

Easter season is an especially good time to mention Christ. I usually mention Easter when opening up a conversation and offering a card.

As I was finishing up my shopping that morning, a woman approached me in a parking lot. We had several minutes of conversation. I was disappointed I didn’t have a tract for her.


When I got home, I added Magdalena cards to my purse. These cards direct to a film about Christ produced for a female audience.

My purse is stocked and ready for more Easter shopping and sharing. Are you ready to talk about Jesus with the opportunities God gives you?


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