Dr. Steve Douglass (1945 – 2022)

Dr. Steve Douglass (1945 – 2022)

Our dear former president of Cru, Steve Douglass, passed away on October 29th while battling cancer that had recurred.

I’ve been working in Judy Douglass’ office since 2009.  All of Judy’s team knew for about two weeks that he was in ICU. God answered our prayers for healing by taking Steve to Himself.

As long as we’ve been with Cru, we’ve always had Steve and Judy. It will seem strange that he’s not here.

Steve was President Emeritus for two years now, focusing on building more partnerships. I had a chance to have a very small part in that.

In August of 2018, Steve and Judy invited me and a few others to meet with them and with a couple who were establishing a new ministry, Bibles For Kids. We offered many suggestions to consider different ways they could move forward.

Steve was an MIT and Harvard grad. When we joined staff he was Cru’s Vice President under founders Bill and Vonette Bright. He took over the leadership from Dr. Bright in 2001, serving as President until 2020. As I said, he was still going strong in ministry until a few weeks before his passing.

He loved God, his family, and the Cru staff. Steve loved Judy well. Here’s the letter she wrote to her blog and podcast followers. Learn more about Steve through Judy’s eyes.

He was strategic, disciplined, and intelligent.

We knew him to be a humble, prayerful, and godly man.

Thank you for praying for all of us at Cru. We feel our loss. Thank you for praying for Judy, their children, and grandchildren.

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