God Is Moving in the Hearts of Recruits

God is Moving in the Hearts of Recruits at Naval Station Great Lakes

A Cru Military Bible study went from a dozen sailors to over 900 in just weeks.

At Naval Station Great Lakes, our Cru Military missionaries have ten weeks to spend with new recruits during their Recruit Training Command boot camp. Navy chaplains invited our staff team to hold a Bible study based on Cru’s “Spiritually Fit – Ready to Serve” booklet.

Our missionary staff started meeting with a dozen young sailors. The recruits came on Sundays and invited friends. In a few weeks, the Bible study moved to a larger room on Friday nights because 150 sailors had signed up. The weekly growth in attendance continued to surprise our team—seven weeks later, 915 sailors came. The Bible study still has over 900 Navy recruits attending every Friday night. During this incredible time of increase, God also raised up more volunteers. People from local churches hand out hundreds of booklets, helping with set up and with teaching.

We thank God for how He is touching the hearts of the young recruits at the Naval Station.

Another Busy Year

As you know, we’re enjoying having Ben and his family back in Florida. We also will have the joy of celebrating with them in three weeks or so when Baby #6 arrives.

Mike has had a busy year with his work. Sus helps staff with their ministry tech needs. We’re still committed and fulfilled in our ministry. We continue to work from home. (Read more at “Why Are We Still Serving for 47 Years?“)

If you remember, Sus was diagnosed with A Fib at the end of 2020. She seemed fine for 1.5 years, but ended up back in the hospital twice this summer. We went ahead with a heart ablation on September 14th. Her cardiologist says she has an 80% chance for full recovery. Thank you for praying for complete healing of her heart. Sus would love to be off rhythm and other heart medicines. She also thanks you for prayers that she won’t need another ablation in the future.

Our Partnership

We know you’re encouraged how God is at work in our country’s young sailors. He’s moving in people’s lives all over the world. He’s given us the opportunity and privilege, along with you, to be part of what He is doing. Your prayers and financial investment in our ministry help us provide technical support for all our missionaries as they show God’s love to a needy world.


  • Find more Spiritually Fit booklets for your friends and family in the military at the Cru Store here.
  • The U. S. Navy photo is available on Wikimedia Commons. Photo by PH1(AW/NAC) Martin Maddock (RELEASED)

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