Cru Summer Projects 2014

Cru’s summer projects offer university students an opportunity to make an impact for Christ during their summer break. This year, Cru’s summer project students shared the gospel 76,201 times in places all across the world; 4743 people indicated they made decisions to receive Christ. The students in stateside projects usually hold a job in a specific resort area, spending evenings and weekends with their team as they reach people with the gospel. Overseas projects might be centered around a campus or a community outreach. WDW Summer Mission A project close to home for us is the WDW Summer Mission. That’s … Continue reading Cru Summer Projects 2014

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Josh’s First Journal Publication for ASME

As Josh entered into the master’s program at University of Central Florida, he worked with a fellow graduate student who was doing his graduate research on alternative microturbine fuels. After completing the feasibility study, Josh helped write the report and create diagrams for it. Josh’s very proud that their joint research was published by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Continue reading Josh’s First Journal Publication for ASME

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Three Decades Later: Penn State

When church historians write about the events which swept across college campuses in the 70’s, they will talk about the unique movement of God which not only captured the hearts of thousands of students, but also launched hundreds into missions. It was in this spiritual atmosphere we gave our lives to Jesus. While at Penn State, Mike saw how God raised up young laborers for His Harvest which continues more than three decades later.

During Mike’s senior year (1979), nearly 1,000 students were active in Penn State’s Campus Crusade ministry with over 800 in small discipleship groups.  A large number of these committed their lives to impacting the world for Christ. Continue reading “Three Decades Later: Penn State”