We’re Looking forward to Staff Training

The U. S. Staff Conference is always challenging, refreshing, inspirational, and just plain fun for us.

Two years ago, we watched this video highlighting events of sixty years of ministry for Campus Crusade for Christ, International. You may recognize some of these people and conferences, like EXPLO ’72. Continue reading “We’re Looking forward to Staff Training”

Equipping Student Leaders around the World

Dr. Bill Bright in his early years of ministry at UCLA.

“Win the campus today, win the world tomorrow.”

 ~ Dr. Bill Bright

Campus Crusade for Christ’s continued emphasis has always been to reach students on all the world’s campuses, especially since these young men and women become tomorrow’s leaders. Initially, every local campus ministry, now called Cru, was lead by our staff and their student-disciples; however, our limited number of staff can’t possibly reach all the world’s universities.

Ann C., who tracks our global ministries, explains: “In 2011, [we reported] 1,742 Student Population Centers with a Cru presence globally. (Cru counts SPC’s because there isn’t always a physical campus, or large universities can have multiple campuses.)”

We continue to train and equip student leaders to be lifelong laborers and to reach their campuses Continue reading “Equipping Student Leaders around the World”

Jenn Graduates with Honors

Jenn graduated magna cum laude this month from Stetson University in DeLand, Florida. We were all together for her graduation ceremonies and are so proud of her. She majored in English and German with minors in creative writing and history. She was on the Dean’s List all four years and was part of the Honors Program. Continue reading “Jenn Graduates with Honors”

Family Celebrations… May 2013

We’re in the middle of big family events right now. Ben, Bonnie, and Patrick are here for Jenn’s graduation from Stetson. (I have a lot of photos to go through before I post our official announcement of Jenn’s big day. Stay tuned!) Also, we’re celebrating Ben and Bonnie’s second anniversary, our thirty-first anniversary, and Bonnie’s and Ben’s birthdays. Last night, we also had a mini-party for Patrick’s eleven-month birthday since we won’t be with him for his first birthday. Continue reading “Family Celebrations… May 2013”