A President, a politician, and a Munchkin

Mike making pancakes at the old mill restaurant
You make your own pancakes at your table

Jenny had a four-day weekend, so we decided to do a little trip up to St. Augustine.

First, we stopped at DeLeon Springs State Park. We made pancakes at our table from freshly-milled flour. It’s a fun place for breakfast!

Then, we left this rustic setting and headed to St. Augustine for a tour of Flagler College. Hotel Ponce de León was a resort hotel in the early part of the twentieth century.

On our tour of the campus, we met Rep. William Proctor, a Florida State legislator. He was in Proctor Library (named after him, of course – he was college president and is still the chancellor of Flagler College.) As we stood outside the original hotel, we then met the president of the college, Dr. William Abare, Jr.! We teased our tour guide that he must have arranged all these chance encounters. (We also met his math professor).

After the tour, we met with the department heads for the English and history departments. We were all favorably impressed with Flagler!

For the night, we went to visit some friends and they introduced us to a friend of theirs, Meinhardt Raabe, who was a Munchkin in the Wizard of Oz and also “Little Oscar” in the Oscar-Meyer weinermobile for many decades. He is 91 and still travels to promote his autobiography, Memories of a Munchkin. He has a very sweet personality and we enjoyed meeting him and hearing his stories.


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