The Jesus Memorial

The Sower by Vincent Van GoghI wasn’t going to answer.

The doorbell rang, and when Mike isn’t home, he’s told me I don’t need to answer the door.

Peering through the peephole, I saw an older man with a young boy. I still wasn’t going to answer, just because I didn’t want to, but I felt compelled. I picked up a few tracts I keep by the door and turned the door knob.

The twelve-year-old boy held out a glossy flyer with a face of Christ on it. The man stood behind him holding a stack of flyers. “Would you like to go to a Jesus Memorial next Saturday?” the boy asked. “Would you take one of our flyers?”

“Is your church having an Easter service?” I asked.

“Sometimes we use the rodeo arena,” explained the older gentleman, “but this year we are meeting at Kingdom Hall.”

“Oh!” I replied, eager to share now. “We don’t believe in the same Jesus. He is fully God and fully man.”

Just that quickly, the man mumbled something and left. I was a little surprised at the time because Jehovah’s Witnesses would usually want to get into a discussion. I suspect now he didn’t want the boy to hear any more from me.  (Sadly, the man was keeping this child away from Jesus.  Read what Jesus has to say about keeping children from His Kingdom in Mark 10.)

The whole idea of a memorial service for Jesus also struck me as so odd. In hindsight, I think I would have said something to the effect that Jesus is alive, not dead!

I didn’t want to open my door and I didn’t pray before opening my door. If I had been thinking about THEM, instead of ME, I could have had a better attitude and said a quick prayer, which may have resulted in a different ending to this story.

So, I offer my experience in case someone comes to your door this week and invites you to a Jesus Memorial. You can be better prepared than I was.  Having tracts by my door wasn’t enough preparation for the spiritual battle I encountered when I opened my door.

“Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect.” 1 Peter 3:15b NIV

NOTE: More help for witnessing to Jehovah’s Witnesses.

6 thoughts on “The Jesus Memorial

  1. I find the Jovies attitude towards mainstream Christianity to be a little odd, they often call round at my place, and whilst they themselves are polite and charming, I find their message a bit disturbing and unsettling.


  2. I am given to understand from the Jovies that visit me that (according to them) when I die, my soul will exist for an undetermined period in purgatory before I am judged by Jesus when Armageddon comes.

    I’m Christian Church of England, and we tend to be a lot less fire and brimstone than that.

    That said, I’m not the world’s best practising Xian either, I’m a bit like the old gospel song “I’d like to be a Christian.”


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