Ben and Bonnie’s First Home

Ben and Bonnie moved into their first home at the end of February. The rest of us arranged to spend Spring Break helping them unpack and settle in. Things didn’t go exactly as planned…


One small setback for Sus was a 24-hour bug early in the week, but she was back to working hard after a day of rest. As we hoped, we were able to help Ben and Bonnie significantly with unpacking, minor house projects, and more. We also had a safe trip driving up and back.


Josh and Jenn started their Spring Break by visiting a friend in Chicago. It was quite cold and a heavy snow storm was predicted. Sure enough, their flight was canceled. We continued to watch the weather reports as the storm headed for us in D.C., but it petered out. Mike and I enjoyed a light snowfall from inside Ben and Bonnie’s cozy townhome; Josh and Jenn flew in to Reagan International only one day later than scheduled.


Josh helped Mike finish up some house projects and Jenn did school work much of the time, but we also had some fun together. On our last night, we were joined by Bonnie’s parents and had an early birthday dinner together for Mike at Geranio Ristorante in Alexandria, Virginia.

Share our good times by leafing through our photo album from our week in D.C. (Bonus Photos: Patrick’s bath time… too cute!)

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