Sanctity of Human Life Sunday

sanctity-of-human-life 940On Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, I’m sharing a true story from a women’s clinic. Here’s an excerpt from The Miracle Room:

Once on the Ultrasound table I lifted her shirt to begin the scan. Staring down at her gentle rounded tummy, I wondered what precious, tiny life might be staring back at me. Was it a boy or a girl?  My moment of quiet wonder was interrupted as she quietly asked, “Can you please turn that monitor around? I don’t want to look at it.” As determined as some clients have been toward aborting, I’ve never had anyone request that before.

Throughout the scan the room was mostly silent. Every now and then she would question if I knew how far along she was, and could she still have the abortion. Her determination to go through with ending this baby’s life was undeterred, even as she asked her questions.

Humbled, I knew that, unless God powerfully intervened, this little one would never use its tiny legs to skip and run about this earth. Not only that, it would never live out his or her glory purposes for which it was created. As I neared the completion of the scan, it was clear that this little one was not 30 weeks, but 35+ weeks old and could live outside the womb, if born that very day. Silently, I kept praying…

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