Holiday Time with Our Family in 2016

We had quite a bit of time with our family from November into January. In fact, I’ll need to break this into two posts. We spent an entire week in San Antonio for Thanksgiving with Josh and Nicole. I’ll save that trip for “part two” so I have more time to get all the links together of the places we visited.

In early November, I flew to D.C. for a long weekend to attend a family wedding, staying with Ben and Bonnie. For Christmas week, Mike and I drove to D.C. to be with Ben and family. After that, we all headed to Orlando where we spent most of a week together with everybody. Everyone knew it would be more and more challenging to find times when we could all be together, so we were glad to make that happen in January.

We did get out for a few adventures:

Click on over to scroll through our family Christmas slideshow for great pictures of our growing family enjoying our time together. Here’s one of our favorites:

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