Multiplying Churches in Ethiopia

Growing Churches in Ethiopia

The believers in Bono Sala, Ethiopia, meet in a home on Friday for Bible teaching and for three hours on Tuesday for prayer as people come for deliverance from diseases and from demon control.

Ethiopian village

Cru’s Church-Planting Training

This all began two years ago when Abera attended Cru’s MC2 training (Multiplying Churches and Communities). He absorbed lessons on how to enter a target area, choosing Bono Sala. He learned about the Great Commission, where God commands us to go and make disciples (Matthew 28: 18 – 20). He learned about stepping out in faith in the power of the Holy Spirit. Abera mastered practical ministry skills like praying with people, sharing his personal story effectively, leading groups, and sharing the gospel in very simple ways (such as through JESUS Film showings).

As Abera trusted God and applied these new skills, a church was born. After forming relationships and showing the JESUS Film, nine people came together to begin worshiping in Bono Sala. Through reaching out to their friends and neighbors, they now have 33 adult members. They’ve planted another church with 26 members and that church has planted a church with 16 members.

Multiplying Churches

In Ethiopia in just the past two years, over 500 new church stories just like this could be told. More than 15,000 new believers now gather together to share their new life in Christ. We know you rejoice with us in the growth of God’s kingdom in Ethiopia. Thank you for praying for these faithful new believers.

Thank you, too, for partnering with us. Together, what we do behind-the-scenes ultimately unites us to the work of God as He builds communities that are passionate about connecting people to Jesus Christ.


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