Our Family Is Growing!

This post is from a “family news” prayer letter we mailed out a few days ago. We hope you enjoy these brief snapshots of our family.

Ben and Bonnie

Ben and Bonnie have big announcements this year. Baby #4 is due in November. Also, Patrick prayed to receive Christ recently! They’ve started homeschooling Patrick as he turns five in June.

They live in the D.C. area where Ben is a patent examiner for scientific measurement machines. Bonnie teaches the Bradley method of childbirth classes from home. They lead a small group and help regularly with their church’s children’s puppet ministry.

Thank you for praying for Ben and Bonnie as they raise a godly family and serve the Lord through their church. Thank you for praying for a healthy pregnancy and delivery for baby #4 and also for Patrick, Luke, Adriana, and Baby Schmitt to love and serve Jesus.

Josh and Nicole

Josh and Nicole love San Antonio, Texas. Josh is doing well as a mechanical engineer at Southwest Research Institute, specializing in turbines. Nicole started her home bakery, SugarRush by Nicole Schmitt. This month is her first time selling at Helotes Market Place, a farmers’ market.

Josh and Nicole are active in the music and audiovisual ministry of their church, leading a small group as well.

Thank you for praying for the Lord to bless Josh and Nicole as they grow in their love for Christ and as they support their church’s efforts to reach those who don’t know Him.

Brian and Jenn

Brian and Jenn’s big news? Jenn earned her Masters this past month! She’s also preparing for an intense study program in Frankfurt, Germany, this summer.

These two native Floridians have adjusted well to Minneapolis. They enjoy their church and their small group.

Jenn is a doctoral candidate in the German department, focusing on Medieval Literature. Brian is a producer for the public relations department of the University of Minnesota’s health sciences. It’s been a blessing for them to both work on campus. Brian is heavily involved in many aspects of NarniaWeb.com. He recently started their podcast, Talking Beasts. (Brian is “Glumpuddle.”)

Thank you for praying for safe travel as Brian and Jenn fly to Germany (Brian will visit for a week, leaving Jenn to her studies). Thank you for praying for their month apart. Jenn also has four more years to earn her PhD. She appreciates your prayers for her to eventually be a professor.

Mike and Sus, a.k.a. Papa and Nana

We had lots of fun times together November through January with everyone. We’re looking forward to seeing Brian and Jenn at the end of May. We’re driving up to deliver Jenn’s bike, some of their wedding gifts, etc.

Many of you have prayed for our family for a very long time. Thank you so much! We know God has blessed us and answered your prayers in a wonderful way. We’re so grateful.

NOTE: For more family stories and lots of photos, follow Sus on Facebook or through email updates sent from our blog, MikeandSus.org (sign up here).  If you can’t wait, click on over to the Family News section of our blog for all the latest news.

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