Mike’s Project for Cru’s FamilyLife Ministry

“We attended Weekend to Remember last year on the verge of divorce. It saved our marriage! Over the last year, we have worked hard with God to reconcile and strengthen our marriage. We chose to attend again one year later to continue to grow in oneness and deepen our marriage.”  ~ Husband, married four years

In Mike’s role as a business analyst, he helps a variety of Cru’s ministries. He’s currently assisting the FamilyLife Ministry with their conference systems.

Cru’s FamilyLife Ministry

In 1976, the very first conference was offered to engaged Cru staff members only. FamilyLife began in 1978, opening the marriage seminars to others. More than 1.5 million couples have since attended these Weekend to Remember conferences. 96% of attendees say the conference greatly improved their marriage.

FamilyLife presents marriage and parenting conferences in almost every major American city. They have additional locations in over 109 countries. Cru’s FamilyLife speakers and staff explain the gospel at each event. They know a relationship with the Lord is critical to marriage and to raising a godly family.

We attended a weekend conference as an engaged couple and on our tenth anniversary. Later, we took the parenting seminar and also attended alumni sessions. We’ve been blessed by the material shared in these events. We HIGHLY recommend these conferences to you or to your friends and family. To our married and engaged friends, this is an amazing weekend. It’s a great event for new marriages, old marriages, tired marriages and strong marriages.

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Mike’s Business Analyst Skills and FamilyLife Conferences

Conferences on marriage, parenting, adoption and other family-oriented events are vital ministries of FamilyLife. Therefore, it’s crucial to have high-quality conference software. This software will help the FamilyLife conference teams coordinate conference venues and speakers. The new software will help thousands of people register for well over a hundred event options. Participants will easily find the closest conference best-suited to their needs. We want to make sure they start with the best experience even before they walk through the doors.

FamilyLife’s vision is to see “Every Home a Godly Home.” Mike is privileged to assist a vital Cru ministry through his business analyst skills. Through your prayers and financial support of our ministry, you too, are helping build godly families around the world.

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