Brunch with the Bongos

No, we really didn’t eat with the Bongos. We took Josh to Boma, a restaurant in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, for brunch. We had been to Boma for the dinner buffet once, but prefer the brunch buffet, which we’ve done a few times. It’s cheaper than dinner, for one, but you also have great opportunities to see the animals surrounding the lodge before and after your meal. When we asked Josh where we could go to celebrate his first engineering job, he chose Boma. The food is delicious, with something for everyone. We enjoy trying the African recipes.

A few of the animals we’ve seen in our different visits to the lodge are: Thomson’s Gazelle, Anikole Cattle, Eland, Grant’s Zebra, Bongo, Reticulated Giraffe, Ostrich, and East African Crowned Crane (nesting on three eggs!) . . . just to name a few. Read more about the animals.

We also wanted to get some nice photos of Josh and Jenn, so we wandered around, enjoying the great landscaping and African architecture, and found many attractive areas for picture-taking.

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