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The Top Four Hindrances to Sharing Your Faith

The Top Four Hindrances to Sharing Your Faith

Do you relate to these top four hindrances, in order, that keep Christians from sharing their faith?

1. Fear
2. Lack of know-how
3. Not knowing nonbelievers
4. Busyness


Busyness is my main  issue. Yes, I’ll have fear in certain situations, but if I don’t share my faith, even in a small way, with the nonbelievers I rub shoulders with when I’m shopping, eating out, or travelling, it’s because I’m in a rushed situation, or I’m focused on what I need to do that day and am unwilling to slow down for someone.

I remember experiencing real freedom in this area of busyness during Hurricane Frances in 2004. We had evacuated to my son’s apartment, taking only the bare essentials with us. I finally had time that weekend! Without all the things to distract me, I had lots of time available for my family. Unfortunately, we returned home to an unwanted skylight in the kitchen and a large puddle of brown water, spotted with blobs of soggy pink insulation; extending into the family room, so we were more-than-our-usual busy for a long time after that.

I still recall the freedom I felt those few days “away from the storm.” It’s helpful for me now to remember what is really important so I can set distractions aside and focus on the people around me.   My to-do list may or may not have eternal value and many of those tasks can probably wait; people are eternal. I pray and trust that God is changing me and reminding me to focus on the people around me instead of on myself and my plans.

Which of these four hindrances do you relate to and how do you overcome that hurdle?


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